Facts about Human Resources

Hey Friends, I am here to narrate a small introduction about Human Resource.

What is Human Resource?

Human resource is the department of an Organization, which manages the welfare of the employees and brings the best out of employees.

This is to increase the Productivity of an Organization.

HR Department is responsible for selecting the apt employees for their IT Firm

Employer and a professional work according to the Contract of Employment Relationship as soon as an Individual join the organization, but if one decides to quit the relationship the effects on the either side can be negative.

This may happen because of skimming nature of the work which should be adopted by the employee as well as employer.

In order to maintain a strong bond HR has to provide them with maximum facilities to gain their loyalty and motivate them for better performance.

Employees are unique and they are from Different backgrounds and so it is initially difficult to cooperate with their Colleagues.

But they belong to the same organization working for the common target.

Human resources management unite them as a team and make them work in the Task for achieving Common goal.

Human resource offers particular incentives and Bonus as the motivation for the employee.

HR Department judges an Employee’s work performance and social move by governing them to write an office diary or a sticky note in which they write about the work done.

This is useful for the Human resource team to write the appraisals to put forward their performance in front of them and commenting on it that how company appreciate it.

Few people will not like to follow the diary as their lacking are mentioned in it which might demotivate them, and those who performed good feel proud and get motivated.

I suggest appraisal should be maintained personally as people may not like to show their good or bad performance to everyone.

HR Department can arrange a General meeting with the manager for those who are discouraged due to the appraisal. This meeting is to discuss about their problems, which might motivate them for the future work.

If an employee feels any discomfort in workplace, human resource department rectify it for the sake of the employee’s wellness.

Human resource management Department conducts various Programme during the Festival seasons and they organize Get to together or Group lunch as an example for Team Coordination.

HR Department uses a unique software to manage the Details of  the Employees and Organization,called Human resource Management System.

Some companies have their own HR and Payroll services, but some companies may depends upon HR or Payroll outsourcing companies to reduce time and to concentrate on important task of their Organization.

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HR Management System

Human Resource Management System