Pharmaceutical Drug

opinionleadersPharmaceutical drug is one kind of drug which is used to diagnose and prevent disease. In the medical field drug therapy is an important one for an advanced treatment and different types of diseases. It’s mainly used for relieving pain in the body and it is controlling the physical ailments.
Pharmaceutical drugs are commonly called as medicines. These drugs are used for treating the various diseases like cold, cancer, Headache, tuberculosis, depressions, hypertension, HIV, viral fever, typhoid and etc.
They have classified based on their origin.

    • Natural origin, chemical as well as natural origin

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In generally pharmaceutical drugs are into two types, namely,

    • Over-the-counter drugs (OTC)
    • Prescription only medicines (POM)

Over the Counter drugs (OTC) are available in all markets without any special restrictions. Prescription only medicine (POM) drugs purchased by only a licensed medical practitioner.
Many kinds of drugs are in the market and the few drugs are
Anti Allergic Drug, Antihistamine, Cancer Drugs, Cough Medicine, Gastrointestinal Drug, Hypertensive Drug, Ophthalmic Drugs, Skin Medicine, Anti Diabetic Drug, Antineoplastic Agent,Cardiovascular Drug, Endocrine Disorder Drug, Genito Urinary Drug, Metabolic Drugs, Pain Relief Drug, Surgical Drug, Anti-Infective Drugs, Antiviral Drug, Central Nervous System Drug, Fertility Drugs, Hiv Drug, Musculoskeletal System Drug, Respiratory Drug, Vaccine.
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