Basic Requirements to be known during GRE Test Preparation

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There are plenty of Scholarships available for GRE and each one has its own Requirements. To get a Scholarship you have to meet those set of requirements. For example if you are applying for “First Generation” Scholarship, then the requirement is “You have to be a First Generation College Student” from your Family. Once you are met with the requirements, Committee will look for the Additional Qualifications and other Credentials. The Main thing when you consider applying the Scholarship is, Make sure that your Qualified for Obtaining the specific Scholarship.

 Can I get full fee waiver with TA?

Getting a full tuition fee waiver as a TA completely depends on the university you are applying to. Some universities do offer a partial waiver for 9 months of the year. Ideally, most research assistantships have a full waiver. It requires you to do longer hours and actually do original research. Also, an RA earns more because they are paid for all 12 months of the year.

There are other ways you can get a full waiver. You can apply to scholarships targeted specifically at international applicants with a good GRE score, academic qualifications and other meritorious work such as volunteer work, leadership initiatives and relevant research/work experience.

Which will earn me more scholarship TA or RA?

As a general rule, from an university’s perspective, a Research Assistantship (RA) is better because the research you do under the professor could also be your topic of dissertation as a PhD. But having said that, most professors aren’t interested in handing out a RA unless you explicitly mention you have plans of doing a PhD.

In terms of compensation, an RA earns for all 12 months in a year whereas as a TA you will be paid only for 9 months in a year because you don’t teach a class during the summer. Also, the amount available to you as an RA is variable and generally more than a TA. This is because your funding as an RA is dependent on the professor you work under and the amount allocated to him, while a TA is paid by the university at a fixed rate.

As an RA, you get extra perks of being able to go for conferences etc, but it is a lot of hard work and requires you to carry out original research. And since, you’ll be working throughout the year, you may not get to meet your folks back home as often.


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