What Are The Features Of The MS Chequered Plate?

An MS chequered plate is a pierced sheet that gives a charming appearance with the patterns of holes, slots, and is even used for decorative shapes. It can be trusted and used in many industries and large-scale projects. These plates are good for sturdy construction and corrosion resistance. This product undergoes a tedious process in making the desired form under supervision. These sheets tend to be durable and last for a longer duration. MS chequered plate is widely used based on its capability of absorbing shock and vibration without any distortion. Let’s see the attractive features and how it helps in the construction industry. 

Slip resistance:

The MS chequered plates prevent many accidents thus providing a safe and anti-slip surface in the industry. The technology used in this sheet ensures more resistance to its clients. It tends to offer its clients a very tough and durable slip resistance. MS plates give strength to a building or any structural works. The MS plate price in Chennai varies according to different grades and thicknesses. These are cost-effective plates that offer excellent welding properties and durability.  

Manufacturing process:

The quality of steel depends on how it is manufactured. The manufacturing process varies for different types of materials. Modernized equipment with rolling technology is installed which helps in the manufacturing process. The material that is manufactured is ought to have a uniform quality that withstands for many years. 


The chequered plate is low in weight in comparison to other steel products. Modern technology helped to remove the redundancy and gives us a perfect shaped material. These light weighted chequered plates are used for commercial purposes.

Load resistant:

The chequered plates are designed to withstand heavy load and vibration. As they are resistant to load and weight, these applications are applied in many industries.  


It has very low maintenance and the plates are available at an affordable price. But it is ought to have excellent quality and characteristics. The MS chequered plates are designed so that it fits into any budget in the construction sector.  

SAIL TMT bar offer superior quality in load management. They can be used over many applications and that is it is said to be the preferred TMT bar. These are features of the MS chequered plated and one can buy it according to their choices and preferences.