GRE Practice Test and Preparation Suggestions

Hello Buddies, How are you doing? The Next GRE Exam falls on November 5th, Right? Where do you stand in GRE Test Preparation? Now we are at the Neck of the Moment, It is good to start Revising from now. The thing is taking Free GRE Practice Test helps you to be familiar with the Question Types. Also by taking enormous Practice, You can increase the Answering speed. GRE is an Online Adaptive Test as well as Paper based test where you need to be Prudent in Answering questions in 3 hrs 45min of Time.

Many Training Institutes like GREedge offers you Quality Training with GRE Study Guide, Book Materials and they also conduct Online GRE Practice Test and Mock tests.

Two Fruitful Tips to Crack GRE:

  • Know the GRE Test Format and tactics to use it to your Advantage.
  • Be confident in what you know.
  • Practice..Practice and Practice..!!

GRE Test Preparation

Min GRE score for ASU?

There is no minimum GRE score specified as such for universities. Generally, the accepted GRE scores depends on the average GRE scores of the applicants for that admission season. However, to help you decide a target score for your GRE preparation, you can consider an overall average GRE score i.e, 312 with a (162 in Quant and 150 in Verbal)

However, you must bear in mind that your GRE scores are not the only deciding factor in your admit success. It depends on your CGPA, your SOP, your LORs and more importantly practical experience including internships, research/work experience, projects, paper publications etc,

My GRE exam is on 8th Aug , by when do I give TOEFL to apply for spring?

Ideally, you should give your TOEFL exam two weeks after your GRE. This is because, the standard of English language tested in TOEFL is much easier than that of GRE. So, the skills acquired to solve Reading Comprehension and Analytical Writing are transferrable in TOEFL in the reading and writing sections respectively.

What about social activities like NGO?

A host of factors determine the status of your admit into top universities. Some of the prominent ones include- GRE scores, TOEFL/IELTS scores, relevant work experience, academic proficiencies among the several others. First of all, if you are aiming for a top admit, it is advisable that you know the GRE exam syllabus. This will definitely help you to get high GRE scores. With high GRE scores, you can definitely get into your dream university. Other supplementary factors like TOEFL/IELTS score and your undergraduate academic track record come into play after your GRE scores. Once your profile is evaluated based on the aforesaid parameters, other factors such as work experience will be evalauted. In general principle, relevant work experience, in your chosen stream will add value to your profile. Though social activities like association with a NGO will be appreciated, it may not necessarily appeal to the admission committee. However, this criteria varies with different schools. So, before you apply to schools, make it a point to read through the evaluation process.

If we are upgrading our scores do we have to pay application fees again?

 Graduate Record Examination, commonly referred to as GRE is an international aptitude test to assess your Quant, Verbal and Analytical Writing Abilities. For you to ace the GRE, it is important for you to know the GRE Exam syllabus. You can also take up numerous GRE prep courses online to help you achieve your target scores. The GRE, which is an international aptitude test is administered by ETS. The ETS does

charge a professional fee for administering the GRE. In general, for you to take up the GRE, you need to

pay $205. Further, if you have to upgrade your scores, or if you want to reschedule your GRE again, you

need to pay $50. Further, if you want to additionally report your scores to universities, you need to pay a

sum of $27.


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