GRE Test Preparation Strategies and FAQs

Started Preparing for GRE? You may have several doubts regarding Best Universities, GRE Scores required for Aspired Universities, SOP, LOR and so on. Find this Article useful which portrays the GRE Essentials and FAQs.

What should be definitely be included in an SOP?

The most important piece of information that can make or break your SOP is the one paragraph where you talk about the aspects that you found interesting about the university and how it will help you in achieving your career goals. Your SOP will have a standard structure that consists of introduction, body paragraphs where more focus should be given for academic achievement and work experience and your conclusion can consist of a paragraph which talks about the factor that influenced you the most to take up this university. This will not only help the admissions committee determine whether you have made a well informed decision or not after considerable amount of research, it will also help in making your SOP memorable with a strong conclusion. Lot of students make this mistake of leaving that paragraph out or send the SOP that consist details of another university. These two mistakes have hindered the admission chances of even top notch applicants so extreme care and attention is required though it might seem trivial to talk about the university details to the university to which you are applying.

Can teaching experience help in getting TA??

The TA is not decided based on the teaching experience. Every university has their own selection process. So you can explore the university website or talk to alumnus to understand how to go about getting TA. For example, in Ohio state University the requirement to apply for TA role is to score a 28 in the speaking section of TOEFL exams.

What is the basis of short listing?

There are a couple of factors that students usually use for shortlisting and it includes university ranking, tuition fees, region where the university is situated, types of scholarships available, courses being offered for preferred program, internship and job opportunities that comes with universities, climate and research activities in the preferred choice of program. Students also consider the minimum score required to apply for universities or the minimum GPA required as well although those are not the most important criteria that determines your admit. All the factors mentioned here should be compared with what our profile consist of and then a decision should be made based on the right fit. There are some more apart from these most commonly used factors as well such as preferred industry and it’s concentration in a region (more universities can be chosen in that region to increase your chances of getting into your preferred university) and also the reputation of the courses in any given university.

Sir I have a question..Should I leave my job and work in a R n D team to give me extra edge??

Any form of prior research experience can help you very much provided, the research field is in align with the field of MS you wish to pursue. So if you don’t have any paper publications or internships from your under graduation time, please go ahead and get experience by working in an R&D team. It can act as a significant advantage over other applicants.

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