Outsourcing Services and HR Management System Functionalities

BPO Companies in India and other Countries provide you a Complete Virtualization of your Business Concern by providing Standard, Cost efficient Services.

Why Outsourcing?

Outsourcing certain Functionalities lets you to spend time on the Core activities of your Business and allows you to do your Best.

Outsourcing the certain responsibilities from Indian BPO who are leaders in handling Standard Services will provide you Greater Superiority at Lowest expenditures.

Many vital processes require Infrastructure, Maintenance and Labor support. Hence it is advisable to Outsource.

If your Workers leave your Company on a short notice period, it is possible to function properly without the risk because of Outsourcing.

If one of your vital projects is to be done and your workers do not possess the required skill set, Then Outsourcing will assist your Employees to acquire skills while working on that particular platform side by side with Outsourcing Partners.

Outsourcing Companies in India

Functionalities of HR:

Human Resource department is Administrative and common to all the Companies.  Companies have well defined selection process, Training, Evaluation and Payroll processes. Basically managing the Labor Resources is imperative and Complex in nature. The Functionalities of HR includes tracking the Employee details which holds Personal histories, Skill sets, Accomplishments and Salary details. To minimize the Manual Work load, companies prefer Human Resource Management System. HR executes depends on the IT experts to develop and maintain the HR Software. The advent of Client server based HR Management Systems encompass: Payroll Management, Working hour’s management, Performance management, Recruitment and Training activities and so on.

An Integrated HR Management System with Time and Attendance Features:

Time and Attendance Monitoring software helps the Organizations to maximize the Functional Efficiencies, reduces the Labor costs and maintain the Qualified Work force. By this software application, HR people can assure to follow a well formed approach by which Employee Satisfaction is achieved leading to a Profitable Business

By Integrating Time and Attendance modules in HR Software, HR People can take a complete control of Leaves and Convert the Attendance Details into valuable information, hence achieving the Business Goals. Integrated HR Software abides by the Company’s Policies, helps the Management to tack the Employee Attendance details exactly across Shifts, Approved Permissions and Leaves.

HR Software


Integrated HR Software with Leave management modules ensures,

That Leave is granted, keeping vital higher authorities in the Loop.

That Absence of an Employee of a particular department will be managed with required Man power.

Long Leave management facilities with proper Intimation.

Flexible report generation

Secured data

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