Spoken English Phrasal Verbs To Use On The Phone

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Learning relevant phrasal verbs is another way to improve your professional telephone skills. This blog will cover Spoken English Phrasal Verbs To Use On The Phone. Taking Best Spoken English Classes in Chennai at FITA Academy teaches you a few Phrasal Verbs to be more confident in your spoken English. Here are seven that you will almost certainly hear:

Hold on

” Could you kindly hold on for a moment? “

In other words, “Please stop what you have to say, but not leave the call.” The “on” is sometimes left out in spoken English, as in “Could you hold, please?” 

Many cell phones and landlines contain a “put someone on hold” option that allows you to halt the call while keeping the speaker connected. 

Put (A Call) Through

” I’ve decided to put you through it right now. “

This means “connecting a person with the person they called to speak to.” If you call a customer care helpline, the first person you talk with may “put you through” contact a representative from a relevant department who can help you with your problem. 

Call Me Back

” I’ll ask them to phone you after she gets back. “

This famous phrase indicates “to call someone who has already called you.” You can also “request a call back” if the person you want to speak with is unavailable. 

Pick Up

” Nobody is answering the phone. Possibly they are not at home. “

This phrasal verb simply means “to answer the telephone.” It originates from landline phones, which are frequently attached to holders and must be “picked up” from their customary locations.

Speak Up

” I’m sorry, but due to background noise, I can’t hear you. Could you kindly speak up? “

The meaning of this phrasal verb is “to speak louder.” It’s helpful if your phone line is choppy! 

Take Off

” I’m no longer able to hear her. I believe we were shut off. “

This signifies that a phone conversation terminated abruptly owing to technological difficulties. Choosing the Most Effective English Speaking Training Online: You can improve your communication skills by obtaining online certification.

Break Up

” Could you please repeat that? You briefly separated. “

When a speaker “breaks up,” they can’t be heard due to connection issues. 

Turn Off / Switch Off

” My phone’s battery had died, so it was turned off. “

This implies “to turn off” or “to stop something from working.”

Turn Off The Phone

” We talked for an hour before I hung up. “

This verb indicates “to put an end to a phone call.” It is only used in the United States and Canada and needs to be updated.

Disconnect (The Phone)

” He hung up on me because he was so angry! “

To “hang up” the phone means to cease the conversation. It’s a relatively common verb that you’ll probably hear.

Be careful not to mix up “hang up” and “hang on” because to “hang on” means to remain on a call. It is frequently used in place of “hold on.” 

From the above blog you can understand about Spoken English Phrasal Verbs To Use On The Phone. You can become fluent in spoken English by enrolling in an English Speaking Course In Bangalore, where you can learn how to speak English professionally.

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