What are the Features of Selenium IDE and its Component?

What are the Features of Selenium IDE and its Component?

What is Selenium IDE?

Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is an open-source record-and-playback tool to create and execute automated test cases. It is a browser extension primarily used for functional testing. It allows testers to interactively record their actions and generate test scripts in various programming languages like Java, Python, C#, and more. Selenium IDE is an essential part of the Selenium suite, alongside Selenium WebDriver and Selenium Grid, providing developers and testers with a complete set of tools for automating web applications. This blog will look at the what are the features of selenium IDE and its components. Selenium Training in Coimbatore at FITA Academy helps you understand more about Selenium and automation testing.

Selenium IDE Features

Automatically record test cases – A feature of Selenium IDE is the ability to record test cases automatically. It can achieve this by analysing the system interactions that a specific web-based application or website has had. You can turn off this feature if you don’t want to use it.

In-built Assertion Functionality – Users can check and add assertions to test scripts created with Selenium IDE. These commands are handy for those who want to go deep into the attributes of web pages. When the user clicks on any element, a text box with a verification list and assert commands appears. This list will continue to increase as long as the user uses Selenium IDE.

Comes with multiple actions – Selenium IDE allows users to conduct many activities using Selenese commands. We’ll go into more detail about them later in the blog. To learn more about Selenium features, enrol with Selenium Training In Madurai.

Responsive web bugs have nowhere to hide – Selenium IDE helps identify the actual cause of the front-end issues. Applitools Root Cause Analysis can be performed by executing a Selenium IDE script with the Visual Grid. When you find an issue, click on it to view the Document Object Model (DOM) and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS).

Third-party plugin support – Selenium IDE accepts third-party plugins. You can use these plugins to upload scripts to the cloud, monitor production application services, etc.

Runs from Continuous Integration build scripts – Selenium IDE Runner is easily integrated into CI build scripts. This is only possible if the CI server can call selenium-ide-runner and upload the .Side file.

Selenium IDE is now cross-browser – Selenium IDE is now accessible in Google Chrome, Firefox Add-on, and Internet Explorer Safari.

Visually test responsive web apps – Users can use Selenium IDE to test their web pages on the Visual Grid. It has approximately 50 emulated devices, browsers, and viewports. Selenium Training In Pondicherry has given the practice of Implementing validation in real-time projects for the Trainees.

Benefits of Selenium IDE

  • It allows users to automatically record their test cases based on their interactions with the browser.
  • It gives users a lot more flexibility when using test cases.
  • It works with Selenese commands and assists the IDE with what has to be done.
  • It enables developers to establish breakpoints when debugging test cases.
  • It allows users to reuse test cases by using the run command.

Components of Selenium

Selenium WebDriver

The Selenium WebDriver component includes libraries for automating browsers. It accepts browser commands, processes, and actions. The WebDriver is browser-dependent. For example, ChromeDriver must perform automation tests on Chrome; similarly, dedicated drivers are provided for Firefox, Safari, and other browsers. To learn more about the Selenium features and gain more details about Selenium, join Selenium Training in Hyderabad.

Selenium Grid

Selenium Grid makes it possible to perform the test on numerous machines. It accelerates the execution of Selenium tests. Consider integrating the Selenium Grid if you need to run a test against various browsers and operating systems.

Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a tool for recording and replaying tests. It comes in the form of a browser extension or plugin. Selenium IDE makes it easier for beginners and manual testers to learn. It also aids in the acceleration of test case automation. The Selenium IDE was designed initially for Firefox. It has, nevertheless, entered a state of maintenance over time. The most recent Selenium 4 version reintroduced the Selenium IDE with a redesigned user interface, a fresh design, and additional features. Selenium Course In Kochi analyses important ideas like selenium web driver, handling of Iframes, and Modal Dialog box.

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