What is Java and its Features?

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What is Java?

Programming languages like Java are frequently used to create web apps. Today, millions of Java applications are in use, making it a popular choice among developers for more than 20 years. Java is an object-oriented, network-centric, multiplatform language that may also be used as a platform.

Features of Java:

Some of the critical Features of Java are listed below:


Due to how it handles pointers and operator overloading, Java tends to be simpler to use than many related languages.


Because Java is platform-independent, programmers can create code once and run it on any device.


Java is platform-neutral; thus, programmers only need to write once and have their code run on any machine.

Two-Stage Execution:

Because Java is platform-independent, programmers must create their code once, and it will run on any computer.


Because of the two-stage execution procedure, the security of Java code is strong. The code is more secure and less vulnerable to hostile efforts to hack or modify it since it goes through two phases.

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Java programming has good security because of the two-stage execution process. Since the code travels through two stages, it is more secure and less susceptible to malicious hacking attempts or modification.


Java is a language designed with distributed operation in mind, meaning several devices, such as computers, can run the same programme and tap into one another for resources and information. It can connect devices via the internet and prompt them for certain programme functions.


Java is a multithreaded language with a unique collection of primitive objects for synchronisation. These objects simplify use and improve efficiency by making it easier to use several threads simultaneously.

What is Java Used For?

Mobile Application Development:

Since the invention of smartphones, mobile application development has increased rapidly. The three most well-known smartphone app shops today host millions of mobile applications.

The Java language is a great option for creating complicated programmes with numerous interfaces because of its nature. It functions well as a programming language for mobile applications because it effectively establishes connections between various devices.

Artificial Intelligence:

The creation of mobile applications has accelerated since the introduction of smartphones. Millions of mobile applications are available in the three most well-known smartphone app stores.

Because of its nature, the Java language is a fantastic choice for developing intricate programmes with various interfaces. It works effectively as a programming language for mobile applications since it is so good at creating connections between diverse devices.

Big Data:

The big data sector tracks and reports data for a variety of purposes. Many businesses employ data analytics to keep track of users, contacts, products, sales, and more. Java also makes it simple to develop visualisations that depict this data in a simple way to comprehend and assimilate.

This benefit is a great fit for big data because it effectively streamlines the process of working with a lot of data.


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