How Do American Institutions Decide

What arStudy-Abroad-Consultants-PRESTON-Educational-Consultant-bannere you really looking for in an application that will get them admitted? This is a common question asked of admission officers throughout the United States and has no easy answer. However this pamphlet will give an appealing answer to your questions. Though admission counselors at each college or university may answer differently, most would agree the process is more of an art than a Science. You can also seek help from education consultant in your locality, for example overseas consultants in Chennai. These consultancies make your work easy for you in finding best college or universities in United States


The Process

Integral to admissions philosophy is a commitment to giving every applicant a holistic and comprehensive review. Generally speaking, admission officers make admissions decisions using a committee system. Before the committee meeting, each application is normally read several times, sometimes by different readers. International student applications are usually grouped by geographic region and its educational culture. When presenting applicants to other admissions counselors at committee meetings, officers use their regional expertise to best support the students applications

 What characteristics matter?

Academics are the primary focal point of assessment, with an emphasis placed on students’ previous academic achievements and the academic rigour of their prior studies.

In addition to considering standardized test results, admissions officers look favourably upon strong letters of recommendations, significant involvement in extracurricular activities, and engaging essay responses. Diversity is also highly valued within the admission process. More over curriculum is an important trait of any student. It reflects the diversity of the disciplines that make up our college community, the myriad pedagogical philosophies we bring to the classroom each day, and the strengths of our education and training.

Whether geographical, political, cultural or socio economic in nature, diversity, when part-neared with a passion for learning, creates an engaging and vibrant learning environment. Admissions officers additionally consider an applicant within their academic and personal context and bear in mind how surrounding factors, both implicit and explicit, impacted their experiences and interests. This is especially important when reviewing international students’ applications

 The Ideal Application

All too often, students assume there are minimum requirements or specific attributes than ensure admission. In actuality, admissions officers aim to admit unique individuals, not students who fit some standardized template. We should always remember that the universities expect am more and extravagant pre requisites from the students. Another misconception are that only “well rounded” students who participate in every club, organization and sport available get admitted. Though every admissions counsellor aims to attract students who will be active in their campus communities, they do not necessarily favour students who have the most activities listed on their application. Academically talented students who are invested and passionate in one particular interest or activity are also valued. Whether their strengths are academic or extracurricular, students from both sides of the spectrum are welcomed students. However the academics and curriculum are the two essential things which concern the applicants.

Source: Overseas Consultants in Chennai, Preston