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 Is there any such program in GREedge for people who have GRE in a month?

Yes. We have several programs which are significantly created for people who plan to prepare for GRE in last month.These programs are segregated into two categories:

  1. Online classes
  2. Personalized assistance.

Online classes are the ones in which there is an online class where trainers will teach at a particular time in a day for several hours until you are prepared for GRE. Personalised assistance is the one in which there is a guide which looks upon how you are preparing by analysing your performance everyday and these guides will also schedule all your study plan.

How is the test centre environment for TOEFL or IELTs?

The test centre requirement for both TOEFL and IELTS is quite different, especially considering the fact that the speaking section, in particular, is very different. For TOEFL, you would notice that the test environment is a bit noisy during the speaking section since everyone is supposed to talk in front of a microphone which is recorded and evaluated later. It becomes a bit difficult to focus with all the disturbance during this section otherwise it is like a normal test environment. While for IELTS, you have your speaking on a separate day and it is a one to one interview. So the entire exam lets you maintain full focus on all sections, unlike TOEFL where you have zero disturbance only for Reading, Writing and Listening sections. Having said that, continuous TOEFL practice can ensure that you can tune out that disturbance effectively during the exam time.

Will emailing or trying to contact any of the professors of a  certain university help in getting admits?

Mailing or trying to contact professor is not a good method to seek admission.You should have worked under that professor in the past or you both have linked in the past based on your research or papers which you published internationally. All students who are backed by the professor are the ones who have done a huge amount of research work together. These students are recommended by professors to get admit in their university, to further carry out the work they are doing or to start some new research. So, perform research with some professor in the reputed university, if you do satisfactory work under him then you can ask him to recommend you.

If I don’t have a published paper will it affect my profile negatively?

There are few things that you can do if you do not have a paper published. 1 is to concentrate on projects during your undergraduate. Almost all universities in India require you to do a project as a compulsory requirement in the final year and that project is crucial. The way you choose that project can be in such a way that it is relevant to the program that you are going to do for MS. So it is vital for you to decide which major you are going to choose very early on in order to choose your project topic effectively. 2 is to focus on internship opportunities. As you know, an internship is the closest any student can get to the actual work experience during the college time. So it is vital to make use of the vacation time that you get productively to add this to the profile. Apart from these 2 two, of course, you can make use of your work experience as well in order to make up for the lack of experience in the research publication front. Relevant work experience is a huge added bonus in your profile since it shows to the admission committee that you can make use of your theoretical knowledge in a practical environment

If we had backlogs can we still make to the Ivy League colleges?

Unfortunately there is no sure answer to this because of the fact that Ivy League universities take a holistic approach towards looking at your profile. There are 3 scenarios in which you can get away with backlogs in Ivy League Universities. One is getting backlogs in subjects that are completely irrelevant to the program that you are applying for. Even then, your overall GPA and the grades that you get into core subjects should be above average to have a chance at getting into these universities. Another scenario can be an exceptionally high GPA apart from backlogs. Having a backlog can give you a chance to do well in the second attempt and increase your grade in that subject which positively impacts your overall GPA. Note that the backlog still will be taken into consideration and a candidate who has similar GPA as you but without any backlogs will be given more preference. Third scenario in which you can get an admit into Ivy League Universities is by having other parts of your profile such as projects, research publications and work experience, which is much stronger than other applicants. 1 or 2 backlogs is not going to make a huge difference because you have demonstrated high capability in the practical aspect of your education.

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