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Hi Aspirants, How are you doing? Hope you are Preparing well for the Upcoming GRE Exams. we are happy to inscribe some useful Suggestions for GRE.

Who want to take GRE again?

If you have acquired the GRE Score 300 or below:

Retaking the GRE exam is absolutely necessary. The average score for Quant and Verbal is 150 each, making the 50% score 300.

If you believe that your score is not a true impression of your full effort, then you should retake GRE and  regain yourself.

Does a person not having work experience a disadvantage while applying for MS?

It is not a complete disadvantage if you don’t have any work experience in order to apply for MS. You can still make up for it by doing high-quality projects and research publications during your under graduation, since universities give a lot preference to students who are more research inclined. The reason behind this being research funding. This funding is available in abundance for universities conducting high-quality research activities. This makes applicants who want to support those research activities, a valuable asset. If you don’t have research experience, make sure that you demonstrate the ability to apply theoretical concepts to practical environment through projects. Lot of weightage is given to candidates who can show this ability since MS program is more of practical application of concepts through plenty of mini projects and research activities.

For Argument essays, Should we always begin with our opinion about whether we are agreeing or disagreeing or can we start with a quote or proverb?

You can surely start with a quote or proverb, provided it falls in line with your argument. Meaning, if you are disproving the given argument, then you must start with a quote/proverb that explains/proves your point of view. Most students tend to write an argument like an essay by giving their ideas or views on the topic rather than make their argument.

For succeeding in AWA, make sure to understand the given statement fully.

Break it down into parts, starting with the claims made by the statement.

If you are aware of the background, then the next is easy, which is understanding what is the basis/foundation on which these claims are made.

If you’re not aware, don’t worry. Imagine the possible reasons why these conclusions could be drawn.

Once you have reasons, find counter-reasons for the same.

Remember, there’s always two sides to an argument.

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