Useful Tips for GRE Online Preparation

3 Tips suggested by Student Counselor for GRE Students taking GRE Online Preparation:

Practice the Essays:

The most tedious part of GRE for most of the Students is to practice AWA. It is more fun to solve Math Problems or to Learn GRE Vocabulary that to sit and write for 30min.

Here’s What I Commend: Take a Glance at Most Effective Techniques to Crack GRE AWA and get to know the Essential tips to Crack GRE AWA.

Next, Find the List of Essay topics of GRE’s Official site and Practice as much as you can. This increases the chances of getting the Familiar Essay on the Test Day.

Verbal Reasoning Tips:

One should read the Verbal Questions carefully and attend the Answer. Especially in TC and SC part, one should Hide the Given options and read the Question prudently, then try to answer in their own way regardless of Options. Later, Justify your Answer with the Suitable options given.

Quantitative Reasoning Tips:

Unlike other sections, GRE Math Questions will Conceal the Concepts. Cracking the GRE requires Analytical thinking skills as well. Prior finding the solution, recheck whether there is another easier way to solve the Question. By following this, you will be much more familiar with the Tricks to solve the Quant and this helps to build the Skills which will be useful in Future.

Find the Useful Recommendations about GRE:

Can I get RA and TA if I apply for the spring semester?

RA & TA does not depend on the semester you apply in. Criteria for TA depends on the University you apply in. For example in Ohio State University, speaking score of 28 in TOEFL is the criteria needed for TA. So you can either explore the university website or talk to the alumni of the University and get the information.

However, for RA it depends on the amount of funding the Professors hold in the Universities and how well you’re able to builds a rapport with them. In the very first semester, try to ace the subjects and earn the professor’s respect. Once that is done, try to understand what research area he/she is involved in and evaluate as an RA how you can help them. After that you can request the professor for an Assistantship.

What are the pros and cons of Research oriented Masters and the Coursework oriented (Professional) Masters? Can a person go for PhD after Coursework oriented masters in case they get interested?

This is an interesting question! A research-oriented masters gives higher emphasis on theoretical concepts and courses while a professional masters will focus more on application of theoretical concepts. While both degrees can be used to find jobs in the field of your interest, the nature of the jobs will be quite different.

Doing a research-oriented Masters is very good if you have plans of pursuing a PhD ahead. Also, if you have relevant research experience beforehand in your UG, then you may also be eligible for Research assistantships. In RAs you are paid a certain amount by the university to carry out research under a professor. Apart form getting paid to research, you can also use this as the base for your PhD thesis. Universities give huge importance for those who are planning to do their PhD in the same university i.e your chances of an admit may be higher if you have a clear and convincing SOP.

Doing a professional masters is good if you want to work in the field of your choice. It is not the end of the road, if you want to do a PhD from there. But it is definitely a harder route to follow.

GRE Online Preparation

Will you please also tell little about RA? after scholarship info

RA or Research Assistantship is a form of remuneration that you can receive from the university in exchange for carrying out valuable research for the university. You are eligible for 12 months of pay and the amount you get paid depends on the professor and the grant allotted to him. You can also use this research for your PhD thesis.

Your profile is automatically evaluated for a RA or TA depending on your credentials. You must have relevant research experience in the field that the university if currently undertaking also. You will receive an interview call with your admission offer, and you will be confirmed. However, for some students it is possible that you will have to manage for the first month or so before you can apply for RA or TA.

 Can you tell what is important for RA?

When you submit your applications for admissions, you are automatically considered for remuneration like RA or TA. You can increase your chances of getting an RA by having relevant research or work experience such as projects, internships, paper publications etc. If you are really interested in pursuing research, you should also look at PhD as a future option. This will make your application seem favourable from the university’s point of view because the research you do during your Masters can be utilized for further research in PhD. It also increases your chances of an admit.

Another important aspect that can tip the odds in your favour is having good letters of recommendation from professors you have worked under or employers who can vouch for your skills as well as talk about your learning and what you contributed to the project.

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